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What is a Magnetic Card for Key Duplication?

In recent years, the field of developing locks and locking mechanisms has developed greatly in order to make it as difficult as possible for the unauthorized duplication option. The most advanced and common locks on the market today for steel doors are made of multi-bolt or multilock and in order to perform duplication of keys the owner of the key must hold a control card proving that he is the one who purchased the lock. Only with this card can the duplication be performed. In any case, it is important to know that the duplication must be performed by qualified and licensed locksmiths NYC and not everyone. Even if a certain person goes to a qualified store that offers duplication services – it is not certain that they can help him there, as special equipment is required for this. A locksmith in New York, as well as in any other city or locality – must possess all the equipment necessary to provide an efficient and fast service to his customers. He will be able to duplicate car keys for them only if they have the magnetic card with which it will be possible to perform the duplication in practice. In fact the existence of the magnetic card has protection for the keys themselves, since without it as stated it is not possible to duplicate the keys at all. Also immobilizer duplication can be performed only with the help of the magnetic card. Even if it is the key holder – he will not be able to perform the duplication without the card, even if he proves that he is the one who owns the key.


How is a key duplication performed In New-York City?

As mentioned – it all depends on the presence of the important magnetic card. When a particular customer orders locksmith services he can say on the phone already in the initial call that this is the service he needs. The locksmith will ask and make sure that the customer actually has the magnetic card in his possession so that it does not come for free and thus does not waste his and the customer’s time together. In return – a locksmith in the central area, as well as in any other area – will be required to present to the customer the certification and approval he has received from the New York Police Department to engage in this area. The special and sensitive equipment of a locksmith will also help in his identification as a certified locksmith but it is important to present the certificate immediately upon arrival at the customer. When the customer and the locksmith meet, the customer will present the magnetic card in his possession and show the locksmith the key he wants to duplicate. The card is inserted into a special machine that recognizes the pins and pattern of the key sockets and duplicates another key in the same way. The operation itself does not take long and for the customer it is a lot of peace of mind, as he now has another key which he can make use of without the need for a single key. The act of duplicating car keys is also done in a similar way and for those who accidentally lost the keys it is a great relief. A locksmith who will provide good service will be remembered and the customer will be happy to contact him every time he needs locksmith services.


Additional services of locksmiths In New-York City

Locksmith services are provided not only in emergencies but also in routine – when you want to upgrade a lock of one door or another, whether in a private home or a business, and duplicating keys is a fairly common service provided by locksmiths. A certified locksmith is also a skilled professional in the field of safes. Whether you want advice on the type of safe that best suits your needs, whether you want to buy a safe or whether you need safe breaking services (provided of course that your safe is…), the solution is to contact an experienced and honest locksmith, who also has suitable equipment for handling safes. Priority is required for tools from the leading brands in the field – for example a set of tools from Makita or another reputable company. In any case, the main tools with which a locksmith performs the various jobs are screwdrivers, soldering irons, pliers, burglary tools (both for homes and vehicles), computerized machines for making keys, including coding for immobilizers, and more.


Breaking an electric shutter in New York City

Many people invest quite a bit of money, time and thought in finding protective equipment for their home. There are apartments located in shared residential buildings, there are private homes in the moshavim or in the cities but what everyone who lives in these places has in common is the desire and lack of compromise for a safe and secure feeling inside the house. One of the most suitable ideas for private homes in New York City in particular is to install electric shutters on the windows from the inside. When this issue comes up the question arises as to whether the electric shutter is indeed resistant to break-ins or whether it will be just like shutters in the house that only protect from light but should not be seen as a means of protection. Today there are quite a few types of electric shutter. There are those that are considered stronger and more protective and those that are more suitable for design use and changing the design style in the home or room in question. If you are interested in installing electric shutters in your home and want them to also have an effect on home protection, it would be best to consult a locksmith in New York or anywhere else to get ideas from him on how to choose the electric shutter that is considered the strongest and protective or how to improve shutter protection. . In general it can be said that consulting a locksmith on the subject of protecting the entire house is a very important step

How long will it take for a professional locksmith to open a door?

Many people have encountered here and there a situation where they return home or want to leave the house but the front door does not open or lock properly. Even if it is a matter of time pressure – there is no choice but to hire a professional locksmith who can check what the problem is and offer a solution. Because anyone unfamiliar with the field can not know what happened – it is impossible to know how long it will take until the locksmith arrives. After the arrival of a qualified locksmith in NYC – he will inspect the door, check the internal components of the locking mechanism and understand, according to his professional knowledge and experience what exactly how much and how best to fix and also make sure the problem does not recur.

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